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FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher Training with Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.

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Powerful, versatile publishing tools can help you develop excellent documentation. However, you need to understand the tools to make them work for you--and the learning curve is steep. Scriptorium Publishing offers training in FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher. Our intensive, hands-on classes are taught by publishing professionals who have broad experience with these tools, so you get the in-depth information you need.

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FrameMaker Training

Scriptorium Publishing's FrameMaker training is a fast-paced, hands-on class. It is intended for individuals who meet one of the following prerequisites:

* solid working knowledge of a desktop publishing application, such as PageMaker, QuarkXPress, or Ventura Publisher
* intermediate or advanced knowledge of a word processor, such as WordPerfect or Word

beginner-level knowledge of FrameMaker

Scheduled classes are taught in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. On-site training is also available upon request.

The instructor is an Adobe Certified Expert in FrameMaker.

Our course is designed to give students a solid conceptual understanding of FrameMaker and FrameMaker templates. We then build on this foundation to explain the major FrameMaker features. During the two-day class, topics covered include paragraph tags, character tags, cross-references, tables, anchored frames and graphics, variables, conditional text, building books, generated files, reference pages, indexing, exporting to PDF and HTML, and template design basics.

After completing the class, students are competent intermediate FrameMaker users. They can use existing FrameMaker templates and begin designing their own templates.

Detailed information is available at Scriptorium Publishing's FrameMaker training page.

WebWorks Publisher Training

WebWorks Publisher extends FrameMaker's power to new media by giving you the ability to export content from FrameMaker files to HTML, WinHelp, and other online formats. Our comprehensive class explains the WebWorks Publisher interface, discusses conversion strategies, and provides detailed coverage of the HTML, WinHelp, and HTML Help conversion templates.

* Intermediate knowledge of FrameMaker (or completion of Scriptorium Publishing's FrameMaker class)
* Intermediate knowledge of HTML

Experience developing Windows online help

The instructor is certified as a WebWorks Publisher trainer by Quadralay Corporation.

Detailed information about the curriculum and the training schedule is available at Scriptorium Publishing's WebWorks Publisher training page.

Customized on-site training

Upon request, we can customize this course to meet specific client needs and deliver it on-site. For example, we can train users on a corporate template, provide detailed information about cross-platform file transfer issues, discuss conversion of source documents into FrameMaker, discuss third-party HTML converters in detail, or focus on advanced FrameMaker functions, such as hypertext or designing master pages.

About Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc.

Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc., provides writing, editing, training, and consulting services to high-tech companies. The company is based in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina (USA), with clients in that area and across the country.

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