Search Tips

  1. This search facility assumes an "AND" condition. When multiple keywords are entered, it searches for the existence of all the keywords on each page within the registry.
  2. Use the main menu category descriptors plus your specific keywords to refine your searches. For example, if you are looking for a book, enter "books and publications title of the book".
  3. Searching for training
    • Every training course topical index page includes the topic name, training course title, training provider name, and training delivery media
    • The following training delivery media terms are used consistently throughout the registry's topical indexes. If you do not get results from a search at a particular level, try your search at a higher level:
      • Instructor Led
        • Onsite (this means training brought in-house)
        • Public (this means scheduled open enrollment)
        • Public | Onsite

      • Media Based
        • Print
        • CBT
        • CD-ROM
        • Multimedia
        • Video
        • Audio
      • Internet
      • Intranet
      • Distance Learning (this means satellite, etc.)