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Ellen Gottesdiener

Ellen Gottesdiener is President of EBG Consulting Inc., a facilitation, training and consulting firm. Ellen assists clients in a variety of industries to create usable business and technical models for information systems. She has extensive experience designing and facilitating business-driven information technology workshops. She also conducts on-site workshops and seminars on a variety of modeling techniques for client/server and object-oriented technology. Her consulting practice is focused on software engineering methodologies and process improvement.
She has 15 years experience in information and business systems development and maintenance. Prior to founding EBG Consulting, Ellen maintained, developed, and managed projects for Cigna Corporation. She has written numerous articles appearing in Application Development Trends, Data Management Review, Database Newsletter, DBMS, Database Programming & Design, Systems Development Management, and contributed to the Handbook of Systems Management: Development and Support (Auerbach) an Client/Server Unleashed (Sams Pub). She is a frequent speaker at a variety of conferences, including: Database and Client/Server World, Software Development East and West, Object World, Mid-west Facilitator's User Group, Indianapolis Information Technologies and Professional Development, Central Indiana Educator's in Data Processing, Association for Systems Management, Price Waterhouse internal IT conference, Softbank's Computer Training & Support, International Association of Facilitators, and Ohio DB2 User's Group.

Topics: Business Rules: Beyond, Behind, Before and Below Data & Objects, Facilitation in support of Software Engineering, Accelerated Facilitation, Facilitated Modeling Sessions, Methodology, Project and Process Management, Object Thinking Primer, Client/Server Logical Design Strategies, Designing a Client/Server Architecture, RAD and JAD: Beyond the Hype, The IT Infrastructure: Thriving on Chaos, Client/Server Methodologies: State of the Art, Client/Server Overview, Event-driven Modeling for Client/Server Applications, Integrating Process Management Tools for Software Development Improvement

For more information, visit Ellen's Home Page or contact Ellen at:

EBG Consulting, Inc.
1424 Ironwood Drive West • Carmel, IN 46033-8722
Phone: 317-844-3747 • Fax: 317-844-7374 • Email: 73201.3153@compuserve.com

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