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The Training Registry is a directory of training companies and training seminars, human resource seminars and human resource management training workshops, training for trainers and train the trainer seminars. We list speakers and training consultants training facilities and classrooms products and tools, including online surveys online assessments and online exams. Find hundreds of trainers & consultants and training topics, and thousands of training seminars & workshops covering all delivery media, including instructor led, online courses, computer based training, videos, and more. Human resource management professionals, trainers and other training & development professionals will find our site worth bookmarking. Browse the training courses section for some of the more popular training topics. We have a variety of trainers and consultants for such topics as human resource management training and other types of leadership seminars and management seminars. You will find many computer courses like Microsoft Access & MCSE. We also list sales training human resource management and career related consultants, trainers and training resources such as coaching and mentoring, sales training and sales coaching, diversity training, business communication and employee performance evaluation & other career development seminars. Or, check out the business & industry resources such as facilities management, HAZMAT and OSHA compliance safety training, ISO 9000, a variety of online training. Browse our list of trainers or consulting services section for a list of consultants on these and other topics. We are one of the only dedicated online training directories.

Web Based Training Courses

The web based courses listed below are accessible immediately via the internet and/or can be made accessible via your own intranet.

Business & FinancialHuman ResourcesITInternetManagement
OrganizationalPersonal DevelopmentSafetySales & Marketing

Business & Financial

Professional Development

  1. Brody Etiquette Online - Brody Communications Ltd. and Xcape Inc.
  2. Creating a Networld for Business Development (Patricia Hunt-Dirlam presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  1. Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Internet based with on-line teaching assistants - Learnsoft
  2. Organizational Finance for Managers (Carl Schweser presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  1. Effective Written Communication - LR Communication Systems
  2. Writing@online - IWCC Training In Communications
Human Resources

Workplace Legal/Regulatory

  1. Legal Briefing for Managers (Kevin Visser presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  1. Diversity Workshop - Zybertron Technologies
Workplace Violence
  1. Workplace Violence Workshop - Zybertron Technologies
Information Technology
  1. eMT: electronic Management Training - Learnsoft Internet Based Training
  2. eMBA: Executive MBA for advanced/information technology sectors - Learnsoft Internet Based Training


  1. Automated Web Publishing with HTML Transit (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  2. Basic and Advanced HTML Skills (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc. |
  3. Intranet Publishing with Front Page, Navigator Gold or Internet Assistant (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  4. Web Development with HTML - Information Management Group (IMG)
  5. World Wide Web Home Page Creation (Html) - Virginia Tech Continuing Education
Development Tools
  1. Creating Web Pages with Microsoft FrontPage 97 - Information Management Group (IMG)
  2. Front Page (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  3. Internet Assistant (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  4. Navigator Gold (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  1. E-mail Essentials - VideoLearning
  2. E-mail essentials: Legal & Appropriate Use of e-mail - QMR
  1. Intranet End-User Training (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  2. Intranet Executive/Manager Orientation (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  1. Javascript Fundamentals (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.
  1. Intranet Webmaster/Developer (for Intranet only) - Wordmark.Com, Inc.


  1. Fundamental Skills of Managing - VideoLearning Internet Based Training
  1. Turning Managers Into Leaders (Ed Oakley presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  2. Value Based Leadership for the 21st Century (Sheila Murray Bethel presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  1. Supervision Series - VideoLearning

Customer Service

  1. Knock Your Socks Off Customer (Service Ron Zemke presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  2. How to Handle the Irate Caller - VideoLearning
Executive Development
  1. Competitive Strategies (Thomas J. Winninger presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  2. Entrepreneurship (Stephen Spinelli presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  3. Risk Taking as Corporate Strategy (Alan R. Zimmerman presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  4. Break-It! Thinking™ (Gerry Sexton presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  5. Technotrends™ - (Daniel Burrus presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
  6. Globalization - (Robert Moran presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
Team Development
  1. Team Building (Jude West presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5
Personal Development

Conflict Management

  1. Conflict Resolution (Christine Pearson presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5


  1. Confined Space Entry - Marplex
  2. Lockout/Tagout - Marplex
Hazardous Materials
  1. 24 Hour OSHA - Zybertron Technologies
  2. 40 Hour OSHA ( HAZWOPER ) - Zybertron Technologies
  3. 8 Hour Refresher - Zybertron Technologies
  4. 8 Hour Supervisor Refresher - Zybertron Technologies
  5. Air Monitoring Specialist / NIOSH #582E AZ-211 - Zybertron Technologies
  6. Asbestos 16 Hour Operation & Maintenance/ Class 3 OSHA AZ-209 - Zybertron Technologies
  7. Asbestos Awareness (OSHA IV)AZ-223 - Zybertron Technologies
  8. Bloodborne Pathogens - Marplex
  9. Blood Borne Pathogens - Zybertron Technologies
  10. Contractor / Supervisor ANA-174 - Zybertron Technologies
  11. Contractor/ Supervisor Refresher ANA-177 - Zybertron Technologies
  12. Hazard Communication - Marplex
  13. Hazard Communications - Zybertron Technologies
  14. Inspector / Management Planned Initial ANA-178 - Zybertron Technologies
  15. Inspector /Planner Refresher ANA-179 - Zybertron Technologies
  16. Project Designer Initial ANA-182 - Zybertron Technologies
  17. Project Designer Referesher ANA-187 - Zybertron Technologies
  18. Roofers- A C R M/ AZ-267 - Zybertron Technologies
  19. Worker Initial ANA-166 - Zybertron Technologies
  20. Worker Refresher ANA-168 - Zybertron Technologies
Indoor Air Quality
  1. IAQ For Building Owners - Zybertron Technologies
  2. IAQ Initial - Zybertron Technologies
Industrial Safety
  1. Chemical Safety - Zybertron Technologies
  2. Confined Space Entry - Zybertron Technologies
  3. Fall Prevention Safety - Zybertron Technologies
  4. Fire Prevention / Extinguisher - Zybertron Technologies
  5. Lock Out / Tag Out - Zybertron Technologies
  6. Safe Ladder / Scaffold Use - Zybertron Technologies
Lead Base Paint Courses
  1. Contractor/Supervisor - Zybertron Technologies
  2. Inspector / Initial - Zybertron Technologies
  3. Inspector / Refresher - Zybertron Technologies
  4. Lead Awareness - Zybertron Technologies
  5. Project Designer Initial - Zybertron Technologies
  6. Project Designer Refresher - Zybertron Technologies
  7. Refresher - Zybertron Technologies
  8. Risk Assessor - Zybertron Technologies
  9. Risk Assessor / Refresher - Zybertron Technologies
  10. Worker Initial - Zybertron Technologies
  11. Worker Refesher - Zybertron Technologies
Sales & Marketing


  1. Marketing for Mangers (Alan Weiss presenter) - Via live internet streaming - LIVEware5

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